Early capital to help makers make

Making ideas with purpose real is what we live for. We’re an early stage venture capital fund founded by makers, for makers.

At Maker Capital, we’ve all taken the startup journey. Our four principals know the risks and the rush of entrepreneurship. Now, we look for promising, purpose-driven partners who are ready to grow their ideas into something awesome.

Our process

Our investment process is simple.


Find them

Gain access to as many good companies as possible.


Fund Them

Evaluate companies we have exposure to. Invest in good companies. Pass on those that don't fit for us, though we will help them if we can on their journey.


Grow Them

Add value to the companies we’ve invested in, by adding capability and capacity, and connecting them to our networks.

Ready to grow? Let's talk

If you’re a founder with a burning belief in what you’re making, we’d love to meet you.