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Not only is Maker Capital a purpose-driven investor, but we will only invest in purpose-driven organisations.

The reason for this is simple - purpose-driven organisations:

  • Experience 30% higher levels of innovation and

  • Experience 40% higher levels of staff retention than direct competitors.

A purpose-driven organisation with a clear purposeful mission statement lends itself well to the use of clear and straightforward measurement criteria to continuously evaluate organisational performance.

This creates a clear decision-making framework which focuses decision-making:

  • Take a decision only if it aligns with the organisation’s purpose statement

  • Evaluate decisions according to performance measures that measure organisational performance against its purpose statement

These purpose-driven businesses generate superior investment returns: over a 15-year period US publicly listed purpose-driven organisations achieved a 21.2% annual return, vastly outperforming the 5.3% annual return of the S&P500 over the same period.

“Don’t miss out on good companies and don’t invest in bad companies.”

No Issue

Case study

No Issue was founded to provide makers, brands and businesses of all sizes access to custom, sustainable packaging.

In 2017, Rod and Jonathan identified Josh and Augie as two tenacious and gritty makers to support, when No Issue had only $60k revenue total to date, and had only been alive as a company for three months! A deal was quickly sorted and we worked closely with Josh and Augie to grow their business from a tissue paper only offering to a full packaging platform servicing customers all over the world.

Rod and Jonathan were the lead investors of No Issue’s pre-seed round and Rod was the investor director of No Issue until late-2020.

Our added value

  • Growth strategy development

  • Financial Modelling

  • Accounting Function

  • Chinese Supply Chain

No Issue has recently announced their US$10m Series A raise led by Felix Capital.


Case study

WoolAid is the creator of high performance, biodegradable merino wool adhesive plasters and bandages. They’re on a mission to reduce the amount of plastic waste created by plasters while providing a superior solution to wound healing.

In 2017 Rod met Lucas, WoolAid’s founder, for a coffee in Auckland (after being introduced by No Issue’s founders). From Lucas’s experience as a mountain guide in the South Island, many involving blisters on guest trekkers, he had initially developed ‘WalkOn’, a merino wool product that adhered to the inside of socks. Over several years Lucas evolved WalkOn to what we know now, ‘WoolAid’, a patented hyperfine merino adhesive bandage that is ready to take on the world. Rod, no stranger to needing bandages from painful falls off his bike, shared Lucas’s vision for sustainability and the superior performance of merino wool as a bandage - a true category disruptor.

WoolAid needed investors who could provide both capital and expertise. The network of Rod and Jonathan is extensive and the overall capital raise was significantly oversubscribed. Rod has since joined WoolAid’s Board as a director and when it was identified a new Chief Executive was needed for WoolAid’s new phase, Jonathan sourced Lou Cunningham from My Food Bag, who joined as the CEO. Lou and Lucas continue to work to expand WoolAid with a global launch imminent.

Our added value

  • Investors with expertise

  • Executive connections

  • Growth connections

  • On-call advice


Case study

Compostic was founded and developed by Jon with a goal to eradicate the need for traditional non-compostable plastic from the home, by providing 100% sustainable, home compostable alternatives whilst maintaining the convenience and functionality that products like cling wrap and resealable bags provide for the modern consumer.

In 2020, Rod and Jonathan were introduced to Jon by Josh and Augie at No Issue (which has become somewhat of a theme), who were looking to invest in Compostic and wanted to supercharge Compostic by getting in the investors who did the same for No Issue. We quickly established that Jon was a great founder to back, passionate in his vision for a more sustainable world free of conventional plastic, and led Compostic’s seed round in 2020.

Since its launch in 2020, Compostic is now available in major retailers across New Zealand, Australia and the US.

Our added value

  • Establishing Compostic on Amazon

  • Helping with US distribution and relationship

  • Governance


Case study

NexDo is redefining the home services market by connecting service entrepreneurs directly to customers in a range of home services such as home cleaning, lawn mowing and car washing.

In late 2020, as NexDo was setting out, Rod and Saks formed a close connection as NexDo was establishing itself, with Rod providing an informal advisory role. After NexDo gained some traction and we’d identified Saks as a driven and charismatic founder to back, all four Maker principals led the pre-seed investment round into NexDo in 2020.

Since that first investment, NexDo’s revenue has grown 15X in 9 months (despite lockdowns in Auckland which meant nearly two months without revenue), and NexDo is expanding to Wellington, Christchurch, Tauranga and Hamilton in the next two months. Rod has joined NexDo’s board as investor director.

Our added value

  • Strategy and Governance

  • Financial Modelling

  • More to come!

Maker Fund will lead NexDo’s seed round as the first fund investment.

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